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1.24 Includes Zooper Integration, Yahoo Weather

Dec 20 2013 | 07:30 PM

Version 1.24 is our second update of the week and includes two big upgrades along with several smaller bug fixes. First, we've now integrated the pro version of Zooper Widget into Themer. For those who don't know, Zooper is the most powerful widget creation tool on the Play store today. Much like Themer's "Everything Widget," Zooper lets theme designers build widgets with a combination of dynamic text, icons, weather conditions, unread counts, etc. But Zooper's capabilities push far beyond this, and you'll start to notice new data fields and functionality in themes built with Zooper. Two such themes are already available in the theme browser. The first, "Ultra Dash," has a "series calendar" that cycles through the day of the month, new weather data like relative humidity, and actual dates on the weather forecast widget. "Coffee" has an ultra-unique battery circle. Our designers are just now scraping the surface of what Zooper can do, and much more is coming soon!

Finally, Themer is now using Yahoo as its default provider of weather data to homescreen widgets. We've found that the Yahoo data is more accurate and more consistently available. Users can still switch back to OpenWeatherMap--which was previously our only weather provider--by long-pressing the homescreen, choosing "Themer Settings" and then changing the toggle under "Weather".

We will continue to push out regular updates. We're excited about the direction Themer is taking and hope you are too!

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