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Themer Designer Profile - GaryArts

Jan 24 2014 | 10:31 AM

Behind the scenes, there are over a dozen designers that painstakingly create amazing homescreens for Themer that you see in the app. Some revel in the abstract and some utilize real-life imagery. Some believe in a functionality-packed experience while others think minimal is best. But what all of our designers have in common is their desire to create beautiful homescreen creations and share them with the world via Themer.

One of our favorite designers is GaryArts, who hails from Hungary. He's crafted many of our most-downloaded themes, such as HUD, Doodle, LCD, Breaking Bad, Signage, and many more. We spent some time getting to know Gary to understand his creative process. Below is an interview with him, and you can find a more in-depth video above.

1. What theme do you use on a daily basis?

I like more themes of mine:-) For a long time I used to use my Timeline, Clean Light and Organized setups by truns, but nowadays I've been using GreyRed, Infratabs or PGA themes or a modified version of them. I like clean, well thought screens, nothing frippery, I never put rarely used apps on my homescreen.

2. As a designer, how do you hope to improve?

I would be satisfied to have more time to design and thinking over the right concepts. But of course I want to get more skills and really would like to create a special collection of self-made objects made by photoshop. Moreover I would like to conquer other parts of the design world, such as 3D.

3. From start to finish, how long does it usually take you to make a theme?

Oh, this depends. Usually it takes me more hours, but sometimes days with shorter breaks. It depends on the inspiration and takes more time if the idea is good but elusive to visualize.

4. Which theme that you've made is your favorite?

Hey, this a hard question. My favorites are those that I put the more work into. These themes reminds me periods of the year or give me sweet memories. Some of them aren't released on MyColorscreen, maybe I will show them up once:-) But if you find out the others, you're good for a coke at me:-)

5. What advice would you have for aspiring designers?

First of all, try to learn the basics. The basics of graphic art and fine art, too. Without them it's quite hard to create something really good. Learn typography. And practice, practice and more practice. Surround yourself with inspiring stuff. These could be enough to build yourself up and able to realize your ideas. Oh, and never forget, somebody is always better than you!:-)

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