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The Tech Behind Themer

Jan 27 2014 | 08:54 PM

To the end-user Themer feels incredibly simple, yet the technology behind the app is quite complex. To go from theme concept to theme delivery, several discrete pieces of software work together, creating a product that just works... but is also constantly improving and evolving. We're still in beta after all.

Design Tools: In-app WYSIWYG design tools let our community of themers construct pixel-perfect creations. Themer includes seven integrated and highly customizable widgets, most notably Zooper, the most powerful build-your-own widget tool in existence today. Our in-house utilities let us quickly convert themes for nearly any modern Android device resolution.

Theming Engine: The engine saves and packages launcher settings, widget configuration & placement, and graphical asset created by our designers-- and then unpacks and applies these to a user's device. The architecture is extensible so widgets can be quickly added to the platform, expanding the types of information we can deliver to (and from) the homescreen.

Smart Launcher: With our custom-built launcher, designers can alter the grid system, margins, transitions and more-- allowing themes that transcend the possibilities of out-of-the-box Android. Our redesigned app drawer with Smart Categories and favorites gives users faster access to their apps-- allowing them to find what they want without having to create folders or slug through pages of icons.

User Settings: Users can configure their news feeds, weather units, and custom gestures. They can hide bloatware and completely personalize how their apps are presented. Users can individually customize their themes, adding more homescreens, icons, and widgets-- just like they can with "stock" Android.

Theme Storage and Delivery: We store and deliver themes via a global CDN. Our back-end lets us monitor downloads and quickly add themes that instantly appear within the in-app theme browser where our most passionate users eagerly await the daily additions.

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