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Quiet But Busy

Jul 29 2014 | 09:07 PM

It's been a while since we've added a new blog post-- a minor (but still important) oversight given all the new features that have been added to Themer over the past few months. But there's lots to talk about, so let's just jump in!


First, we really could use your help: We've started a community translation project for Themer. Anyone who is bilingual and wants to help localize Themer, please lend a hand. You can find the project over at GetLocalization. We've added several suggested languages for which you can add translations, but you can also feel free to add your own local language and get started.

Icons, Icons, Icons

As always, our goal is to make Themer a stable, clean, feature-rich launcher that doesn't detract from your mobile experience. All the upside of theming your phone with no loss in usability. Many of the features added to Themer over the past several months have been small (and difficult!) but also incredibly important for progressing the app to that end. Oddly enough, many of them revolve around icons. For example: icon scaling now works perfectly. Gone are the days of little tiny icons lost among your wallpaper because a theme designer used a too-small grid. As of our last update, designers can set a default icon size for icons placed (by themselves or by users) on the homescreen. This can be applied as a global setting for the entire theme (under Advanced Settings > Resize Icons) or, for fine-tuned control, each icon can be sized individually. If the global size setting is unchecked, users will be able to long-press any icon on their homescreen to manually resize it.

Icon gestures were often-requested by a small subset of users, but it's so useful, we think more people should be taking advantage. If you long press an icon on the homescreen and choose EDIT, you'll see an option for "Swipe Up Gesture". Touch it, and you'll be able to attach an action to the gesture of swiping up on an icon. For example, try it with your dialer and set the swipe action to launch Skype. Now icons can do double duty! Try setting your swipe action for your email icon-- tap for Gmail, swipe for work email. Gestures can even be used to open Smart Categories. For example: Place an icon on your homescreen for your favorite weather app and then set the swipe gesture to open the "News & Weather" Smart Category. Now you have fast access to both your most-used weather app as well as all those other weather apps you only use occasionally.

Icon badges are also a recent new feature. These are the little tags that attach themselves to icons both on your homescreen and the app drawer showing unread notification counts. The badge style itself (color, shape, border color, border width, placement) are all theme-specific, typically set by the designer when creating the theme. You can, of course, edit these if you'd like by going to the Themer Advanced Settings menu and choosing "Icon Badge". Under the "regular" user settings menu in Themer, you can also enable or disable icon badges globally or for individual apps. These settings will be remembered even if you apply a new theme.

We've added many more features to Themer over the past several months, including a transparent notification bar for devices running Android 4.4 (and some running 4.3), and there's much much more in the works. If you haven't tried Themer recently (or at all), it's probably time to give it a shot!

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